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How do You Define Your Style?

How do You Define Your Style?

2nd Nov 2018

It has been seven years since we first launched our internet and retail store.  It has been an ongoing experimentation of trial and error with pop-up stores at equine shows & rodeos to different brick & mortar locations.   What we have found is that the western lifestyle demographic is very broad and differs in styles between age groups, regions and lifestyle.   We have seen retail shopping become limited due to the diminishing factor of western stores and those stores which are still in business offering only select styles.   Pricing has also been a huge factor in changing the way we all shop who love western apparel be it with items that are low cost or poor quality or higher end brands with no middle factor in between.    At Diamond D Ranchwear, we are striving to offer what we fill is a definite need our marketplace.  We also believe that there are three distinctive styles in which our buyers fall within and strive to offer products and services to fit our customer needs.   The first category, is what we describe as Traditional- this is fashion's inspired by the Old West, periodical or retro fitting - prints and patterns that have a vintage look, embroidery tops - pearl snap shirts,  Buckaroo or Gus shaped Cowboy Hats, Silk Wild Rags, Frock Coats & Vest and cowboy boots with a 3 inch heel and tall shaft.    The second category is what we call Classic, All-American looks that state the true adorn fashion of a cowboy or cowgirl.   It is the largest most recognized category and is what most western stores offer across the nation.  Products such as  tops with western yokes & pearl snaps, cattleman's crease cowboy hats, square toe cowboy boots, big silver buckles all paired with pair of jeans.   The third category is what we like to describe as Modern. Contemporary in fit, cross over styles for all ages with diverse backgrounds.   Mixed eclectic looks of colored or distressed leather fringe vests, graphic t-shirts, uniquely shaped hats from a fedora to a cowboy hat.  Accents of tooled leather purses, turquoise and silver Native-American jewelry and cowboy boots that are decoratively embellished and in the shape of a snip toe. .   Styled for the individual who loves fashion and wants to be noticed - who loves the country-western lifestyle, music and other events.   Although some fashions can fall within all of these categories, we have learned that our customers love how we truly understand the differences in western dressing and how we are able to better assist them with look they desire!  

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